Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photo Recap: 2008

A rundown of the various photograph features and highlights from 2008:

The year started off with a march held at the National Underground Freedom Center to Fountain Square:

33rd. Annual MLK Jr. Commemorative March

February rolled around and I took a weekend to come back from school to meet up with Zach and do a lot of exploring. From the Cincinnati Gardens, a Cincinnati hockey barn filled with history, lacking a major tenant...

The Cincinnati Gardens

...to the Crosley Building, the original home of 700 WLW and once a major production plant for Crosley Radios. First explored in Spring 2007, this was our second trip...

Crosley Part 2: The Return

The February exploration weekend ended with me exploring houses that had been abandoned and demolished in the neighborhood I grew up in:

Vacant Houses That I Would've Rather Not Had To Photograph

The site sat idle for awhile as I got really busy with school and work. I finally did some more exploring and photography in July when we explored an abandoned CSX switch house:

Abandoned Rail Depot off of I-75

In August during the pinnacle of summer, myself and the other explorers uncovered three other abandoned locations in Cincinnati:

English Woods Public Housing Complex

The State Ave. Waldvogel Viaduct Ramp

And my personal favorite from the summer:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church

More to This City Than Meets the Eye: Abandoned locations in August

In September my friend Sherman and I though it might be fun and interesting to explore Cincinnati infrastructure and get some new photographs of the city's highways and bridges:

Cincinnati Bridges, Cincinnati Highways

School started again and I explored the school's abandoned state hospital:

Back in Athens, Back to the Ridges

Soon after, Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin made a stop as Cincinnati's Lunken Airport:

For McCain, the Road to Victory Passes Through Cincinnati

and a long standing abandoned structure in Cincinnati was demolished...

And Consolidated Came Tumbling Down...

...if you were brave enough to climb to the top, the reward was an amazing, postcard view of Cincinnati.

In November I went flying over Kings Island, downtown and the surrounding area with my friend Gabriel:

The Queen City From the Sky - Aerial Photos Nov. 8, 2008

Then the holiday season began:

Christmas Begins in Cincinnati

In Avondale a pair of abandoned nursing homes were found:

Adventures in Avondale...

After the nursing homes we searched for the abandoned "Ghostbusters" tunnel to no success. Snow began to fall:

And eventually the "Ghostbusters" tunnel was found beneath the city streets:

The "Ghostbsuters" Tunnel

A new year began...

I have a lot of stuff backlogged that hasn't been posted yet. Lots of more "abandoned" explorations from the Cincinnati area will be up shortly. Thanks everyone for reading throughout the year and for visiting the site. I promise it will be updated more often in 2009 with more.

Just a sneak peek at what's to come...

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

Feel free to vote and voice your opinion as to what was your favorite update in 2008 in the "comments" section.

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  1. I was too chicken to go to English Woods by myself. But man did I want to.

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