Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Six New Prints for Sale (only four left)!

"Deck the Halls with Photos of Abandoned Buildings!"

Christmas is a week from Friday, Hanukkah has already started and I'm sure everyone has someone they have to get a birthday gift for sooner or later. Maybe you just want to spruce up your apartment/residence with some cool local photo work. What makes it even cooler? These prints are from places most people would never go to or haven't been to, they capture the city we all live in and around in a unique way.


Exploring Cincinnati was a photographic exhibition at The Bett's House back in October featuring photographs of the city's abandoned and forgotten locations (see photo above) that myself and fellow photographer Sherman Cahal have seen over the years.

The exhibition has since ended and I still have six one-of-a-kind, first edition prints for sale. Framed in metal, black frames with a white matte. The 11x17 inch photos are reasonably priced at $50.00, while the 8.5x11 inch ones are $40.00 (frame and matte included!). Here's what I have available and here's what soon could be making a great gift for someone you know or yourself:

"Joe Wilcher's Room" - 11 x 17 inch Framed & Matted - $50.00


This vertical photograph captures the clutter of shelves, books and personal items left behind by a Korean War veteran named Joe Wilcher who disappeared from his Over-The-Rhine apartment and had a penchant for collecting literature and building things. From the QC/D update: "The Unsolved Mystery of Joe Wilcher - May 2009"

"Hudepohl's Neon Sign" - 8.5 x 11 inch Framed & Matted - $40.00


The abandoned Hudepohl Brewery and our multiple subsequent explorations there have been featured on QC/D time and time again. Found on the roof of the decrepit Queensgate building were these two neon lights, the last two letters of a Hudepohl sign that had been a landmark in Cincinnati for years.

"Wilson Auditorium" - 11 x 17 inch Framed & Matted - $50.00


The beautiful Art-Deco style Wilson Auditorium was constructed on the University of Cincinnati campus in 1931 and has sat unused since 2004. The theatre hosted the University's theatrical performances at one point along with a host of concerts, lectures, speeches and classes. Taken during the summer of 2009, this photograph shows the forgotten seats and stage that may soon face the university's wrecking ball. From the QC/D update: "Gordon Bombay and the Auditorium of Doom - October, 2009."

"Bush Stadium" - 8.5 x 11 inch Framed & Matted - $40.00


Bush Stadium in Indianapolis was the former home of the city's AAA baseball team, the Indianapolis Indians. While the team was affiliated with many major league franchises over the years, it was for a time partnered with the Cincinnati Reds and was home to many Reds greats such as Dave Concepcion, Ken Griffey Sr., and the Boone brothers just to name a few. Abandoned in 2001, the stadium still stands today as a reminder to a forgotten generation of America's Favorite past time. From the QC/D update: "Bush Stadium - August, 2009."

"The Cincinnati Subway: Stairs to the Surface" - SOLD!


This striking, almost eerie, black and white photographs captures the daylight coming in from the surface and onto the abandoned platform of the Race St. subway station, the largest station in Cincinnati's abandoned subway system. Back room politics, world events and changing demographics caused the subsequent abandonment of what would have been the Queen City's underground transit line that despite being over 80 years old, could still one day be used. Often the subject of local urban legend and folk lore, the Cincinnati Subway makes for a great conversation piece. From the QC/D Update: "The Cincinnati Subway - March, 2009."

"The Cincinnati Subway: Race Street Station" - SOLD!


Another photograph of the city's abandoned subway, this one shows the incredible length and depth of the track, platform and tunnel of the Race St. station, located beneath the city's streets. Printed at 300 dpi, this photograph allows you to have an incredibly detailed and clear view of a local legend, the abandoned Cincinnati Subway! From the QC/D Update: "The Cincinnati Subway - March, 2009."

All these photographs are available for purchase in the Queen City Discovery store via a secure and safe PayPal transaction. There is only one of each available! I know for a lot of people money can be tight or time might be of the essence to get one of these in time for the holidays. If so, and if you live close to or will be downtown sometime soon, I could probably arrange to meet you and drop your purchase off to you depending on my schedule. Just shoot me an email and we'll see if we can work something out. Alternatively, the shipping costs are pretty reasonable and shipped via UPS from Fairfield, Ohio within 1-2 business days (Realistically I'm home on break from school and can probably get the order out within 1 business day).

Hope you see something you like, make sure to check out the other items in the QC/D store such as the "Forgotten Cincinnati" prints starting at $20.00!

Happy Holidays and QC/D will be back with a new update next week!

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