Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway" Documentary to Premiere at the Cincinnati Museum Center on June 9th.

"Boston has the first one, New York has the longest one and Cincinnati has the quietest one." It's an eerie, but all-to-true sentence uttered at the beginning of the trailer for a new documentary about the Cincinnati's Subway. Abandoned in 1925, the Cincinnati Subway never saw a single rider and exists today as 1.8 miles of forgotten tunnel beneath the city streets. You've seen it before through the photographs here on QC/D:


Now you can see the subway from another perspective in a new documentary from Time Bonus Productions:

Both public and clandestine tours of the subway are pretty hard to come by these days. If you haven't been lucky enough to catch one of those or if the clandestine adventures here on Queen City Discovery aren't enough for you, this documentary will give you a fresh look at the failed rapid transit loop and its story. In a press release sent to me by the Newport, KY based production company, they state:
" 'Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway' explores the project’s conception in 1916, details of the construction during the 1920s, and its ultimate demise prior to The Great Depression. In the decades since, citizens attempted to revive the project, but for various reasons it was never completed. Without rapid transit, industry moved out of the area and highways became congested. The current debate over public transportation encourages citizens to look to their past to understand how the lack of the subway affects them today. More importantly, people will recognize how present decisions influence the lifestyles of the future generations."

- A member of Time Bonus Production filming a sequence for "Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway," May 2009. (Picture Provided)

There's a lot of misinformation, fabrication and exaggeration about one of the Queen City's most interesting pieces of forgotten history. Not many people know of the subway and those that do, don't often know the real story. I've seen the subway first hand and feel that the abandoned tunnels and their story are very important to the future of Cincinnati. I'm looking forward to seeing how the documentary will analyze the impact the subway could've had and how our area has lost out by never completing the original 16 mile rapid transit loop.

I'll be there on June 9th and if you'd like to go too, here's the info:

What: Premiere of "Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway" Documentary
Who: Produced by Time Bonus Productions
When: June 9, 2010. Doors at 6:30, program at 7:30.
Where: Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio
Cost: $12, $10 for Museum Members. CASH ONLY


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the documentary. I'll be there too, so hopefully I'll meet you. I'm one of the "VIPs" since they interviewed me on camera. It's a very good documentary.

  2. Allen, I'm really looking forward to seeing the documentary. I look forward to meeting you too! I was wondering, if I bring my copy of your subway book, would you mind signing it? I would really appreciate it, I've read that book like three times through.

  3. Gordon,

    No problem, of course, of my signing your copy. You don't even need to ask!

    Time Bonus heavily used my book as a reference for their documentary, which was very flattering for me to find out. When they asked me to appear on camera for an interview, how could I turn that down?

    See you at the Museum Center!

  4. I wouldn't like to be there. I heard there is radioactivity and so much people have seen shadows and spirits so close of this subway.

  5. Is this still playing anywhere? Are copies for sale?