Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Live to Skate, Skate to Live"

This past Saturday the Cincinnati Rollergirls opened their fifth season at the legendary Cincinnati Gardens. Miss Print and the team were kind enough to invite myself and my friend Alex out to shoot some photos and hang out at track side. Who are the Rollergirls? They're the city's all amateur flat track women's roller derby team. They're not paid athletes, simply playing for the love of roller derby and following their motto "Live to skate, skate to live." This isn't the scripted "Roller Jam" pro wrestling rip off that was on TNN years ago, its a full contact (I'd say balls to the wall, but...) sport played in an electric environment within the city's legendary arena.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Invasion of Spring, The Invasion of Shepard Fairey

- DANGER: Do Not Enter, beware of geese.

Right before I started typing this I was outside where the temperature had dropped to 37 degrees and rain was coming down like a monsoon, meanwhile Channel 5 just warned me that a "light dusting of snow" is possible tomorrow. However, last week it was 70 degrees and Sawyer Point was packed with people enjoying the beautiful spring weather right as the river crested just below flood stage. Spring's invasion of Cincinnati had begun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back From the Future

Close to a year ago I came across a thread on UrbanOhio.com which featured some photographs of Cincinnati from 1987. The thread was nearly two years old at the time and I wasn't sure if the user who posted them was still active on the message board, but I knew I needed to contact him. Why? Because I had a project in mind. The photographs capture a day spent wandering about town, something I can certainly appreciate. From their composition to the reasons he took them, I could identify with the photographer. I was able to get a hold of Chase Clements, the photographer in question, who took the majority of these shots on a cold day in November with some from the Spring of 1987 (to give you an idea of what 1987 was like, this was the number one song at the time and this was the number one movie).

Cincinnati, 1987:

- Ft. Washington Way.

- View from the Kentucky side of the Roebling Bridge.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

23 days, 560 hours and 33,601 minutes until Reds Opening Day 2010

...at least that's how long it was from the time I started writing this post. Speaking of the Reds, have you ever been to the Hall of Fame and Museum? My dad and I went to check out the exhibit on Crosley Field this week. If you haven't been, I highly recommend going, it's one of the coolest and lesser known aspects of Great American Ballpark and downtown in general.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cincinnati's Subway

It was a good thing we were packing. We had our high powered flashlights and then some extras. It was pretty dark as we stepped onto the station platform. It seemed almost as if the power had gone out or if there weren't any lights installed at all. We traded jokes and conversation as we waited for our train. Cincinnati isn't really known for its subways. The stations are dark, cold and covered in dust and frankly the service is terrible. We waited on the platform for forever and not one single train ever came.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Afternoon in the Rust Belt

Unlike upriver sister city, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati wasn't a center of America's steel production and doesn't really fit into the geographical region known as the "Rust Belt." However, the Queen City certainly has its share of shuttered and forgotten factories, former centers of industry and manufacturing. One of the most historical, and often documented, of these locations is the former Crosley Radio Factory.