Friday, September 9, 2016

Today, Cincinnati Gets a Streetcar

I wasn't born yet when Cincinnati started constructing its underground subway system and then subsequently abandoned the project. Nor was I alive when the last streetcar ran in 1951.

I don't really remember "Metro Moves" in 2002, it was hardly the talk of thirteen-year-olds.

I do remember the first time I read about the proposed streetcar project in 2007. I followed it. I believed in it.

I did what I could to help fend off the first anti-streetcar ballot initiative. And then the second.

I called in to, then countered, a radio host who said the route went through an area of town that was too dangerous.

I remember when they displayed a modern streetcar bound for Portland, Oregon at Fountain Square.

I attended a City Council meeting on my 21st birthday in 2010, celebrating with a beer and transit advocate friends after a successful vote.

I've seen the subways, I've learned their history.

I've spent years watching cities like Portland and Seattle embrace mass transit and move forward.

I've spent years hearing "...yeah, but that couldn't work here."

I joined with thousands of tireless advocates over the years to promote why this is such a transformative project for the city we love.

Today, Cincinnati gets a streetcar. Today, Cincinnati welcomes back rail transit. Today, Cincinnati takes a giant leap forward on the path to something bigger.

At 10:30 A.M. in Washington Park, WE get to see that historic moment.

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