Saturday, November 1, 2008

And Consolidated came tumbling down

So back in 2008, I originally published this post. In 2014, all of the images that had been previously hosted for QC/D were lost. I was able to scrounge most of them from a backup. This particular post though lost a lot of context. So here's the gist...

Consolidated Grain was once a series of abandoned grain towers located in Cincinnati's west side, just across the Mill Creek from Clifton. For years, they had been abandoned. When we first got into urban exploring, this was a popular site for our group to visit. Before QC/D was started, the original exploring crew visited this place along the railroad tracks numerous times. We'd climb to the top, chat with the hobos who were camping out and explore this place up and down. The original photos, the ones from the top and inside are still around - probably on some hard drive somewhere.

Nevertheless, in 2008, after QC/D had been going for about a year, I stopped by this place again. The property owners had tried to implode part of the structure with dynamite. They didn't do execute that very well, didn't actually have permission to attempt it and just kind of left everything sitting.

Eventually most of the facility was demolished, but as of this update/refresh of the article in November 2015 - half of the structure is still there. These photographs are from 2008, about a week after the implosion had failed.

Update | Sept. 21, 2017:
  • The half of this structure that failed to get imploded is STILL standing.

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