Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Postcard View from WLWT

Derek might have said it "would be like this," but News 5 anchor Derek Beasley left Cincinnati for Mobil, Alabama some time ago. And aside from Rich Apuzzo, I can't really remember any other Cincinnati weathermen and/or their catchphrases to make vague references/jokes about. Truth is, I don't really watch any of the local news stations, but if I had to pick my favorite: The winner would be Channel 5 WLWT, simply because of their studio's postcard view of the Queen City.

It's been twenty days since I last updated Queen City Discovery (QC/D). For awhile, I was on a kick where I updated it once a week. I've fallen behind and I apologize. I promise more stuff is coming soon (it's definitely good stuff) and I have some new adventures planned for this summer. With school out, I've been busy working two jobs and following the Reds. The first job is at a place I love, but a place that seems to be getting ever more repetitive as the days drag on between the stretches of highway traffic, button pushing and morning meetings.

The second, well, my second job has been an incredible opportunity. The good folks at the Cincinnati Business Courier have been kind enough to let me do some freelancing for them lately. The opportunity has not only allowed me to work with some great people as well as meet and photograph people with interesting stories to tell, but its also taught me a lot and allowed me to see some cool things. Like the other day when I got to go on the roof of Channel 5's studio.

After sitting for 50 minutes in the parking lot better known as: "8:00 AM on I-75," I made good time darting around buses and cars on Reading Rd. while maintaining a speed within the limits of the law (especially since officers in Ohio can just estimate your speed now when giving you a ticket). I pulled into the Mt. Auburn studio of WLWT, grabbed the camera and met "Pete," a station representative.

The former headquarters of Taft Broadcasting (the folks who brought you Hannah Barbera and Kings Island), Channel 5 moved it's operation here in 1999 from downtown. We climbed a ladder onto the roof and were welcomed to a beautiful, cool, clear day atop a building with a postcard view of Cincinnati:

- Looking West.

- Union Terminal and the West End.

- Historic Over-The-Rhine and Music Hall.

Pete pointed out to me that on a clear day you could see the control tower of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). If you look closely on the top of the ridge line, next to the radio towers, you can see it in this picture:

- Queen City Square, the city's new tallest building.

Again, to the readers: Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I'll be updating more often soon with stuff from both outside and within the Cincinnati area. Hope everyone reading is enjoying their summer so far and is supporting the (currently) first place Cincinnati Reds!


  1. Gordon

    FABULOUS photos as usual & I love all the great views! Thanks for the pointy thing to show me the control tower :)

    Enjoy your freelancing. Give me a shout if you visit FF. Will have to have you stop in for a quick beer & some stories! Stay cool.


  2. Stunning photography, as always. Keep up the good work!