Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where have you been? What were you doing? What's the plan? Where do you go from here?

I seem to make this excuse every summer, but again I've fallen behind on updating QC/D. I've tried to respond to every email and I'm sorry if I haven't kept up on all the comments. I got promoted at my conventional job, which has been nice. I've gotten more work with my photo job, which has been great. I got pushed out of a moving airplane at 10,000 feet in the air while attached to a grown man who guided us back to earth with a parachute (skydiving). I've also been playing a lot of bocce at Neon's, arguing with bank customer service and 700 WLW radio hosts, watching reruns of Full House, riding my bike, ate sushi for the first time, attended 18 Reds home games so far and have been slowly unpacking the multiple boxes of stuff in my room from when I moved. Life's been good, but somethings missing and I've ignored photography on top of that. Last night I finally went out and shot.

The "Soul to Squeeze (great song to listen to while viewing these photos)-esque" random parking lot carnival at the pseudo-abandoned Cincinnati Mall (formerly Cincinnati Mills) was back for another summer. It's no Kings Island, but this place has all the American charm, tradition, spirit and bright lights that those large corporate, politically correct amusement parks don't. It's an interesting experience and I'm grateful for every second I spend at places like these and the people I meet there.

- Kids who wanted to pose for a photo.

Everything will be back up and running maximum warp soon. Like I mentioned last time, I went to an abandoned amusement park at the beginning of the summer. I want to hold off on that update until I know more about the history and such.

Check back soon. Thanks to Adam for coming out and shooting photos of a random parking lot carnival with me.

Where have you been?
- Busy.

What were you doing?
- See paragraph one.

What's the plan?
- "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."
-General Patton

Where do you go from here?
- See question before this one.

I've got most of everything I need, I need more time though.

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  1. As my good friend Sean Connery once said, "You're the man now, dawg."