Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Blimp in the Sky.

My head hurt from a long day of drinking and a long week of working as our designated driver drove us out of the comfort of downtown to the the typical suburban bar that we usually gather at after work. A beer there, some excedrin from the gas station next door and we eventually found ourselves near the Indiana border and I-74 at a party filled with high school kids. A "solid bro" named Ray wanted to fight me for making out with his cousin. I wasn't familiar with Ray or his cousin, nor had I made out with anybody.

Ray eventually fell down amid his drunken stumbling and we left. On the drive back, I realized parties, people and places like that were why I hated college initially (the last course I ever took at Ohio University before transferring was a baseball history course that taught me a greater appreciation for the sport). I watched reruns of Family Matters at my apartment and fell asleep.

My summer has gone too fast. The annoying commercials of back-to-school clothing sales still depress me as if I was 11. I feel like I spent too much of my summer "vacation" working, worrying about money and experiencing stories like the one mentioned in the first paragraph. One thing I haven't regretted is the amount of Reds games I've seen.

I like going to Reds games. Great American Ballpark is where I spend a lot of my free time. I like baseball, I like the national anthem before the game and I like when Brandon Phillips calls the cardinals expletives. Many evenings my dinner has been three hot dogs and two small lemonades from the $1 stand, with a Moerlin beer for desert. I've seen the Reds play 25 times this season (22 times at home, three times in Pittsburgh). Tonight as I was riding my bicycle from my Northern Kentucky apartment to the game, I saw a blimp in the sky.

- Who doesn't appreciate Head Groundskeeper Doug Gallant's lawncare tips between innings?

- Concourse.

- Pampers presents Santa.

- Cincinnati was home to the first major league night game.

- The other day I was looking at a picture Pittsburgh photographer Mike Muder had taken of the town's hockey arena and you could just barely see a blimp in the sky. "I don't think I've ever seen a blimp in person," I thought. That was until today.

- Fireworks setup.

- Can't you do this shit at home? There's a major league baseball game going on right behind you.

- The Banks rising.

- Once "The Banks" is complete, GABP will feel like its right in the neighborhood.

"Go Reds." Often times, that quote is all I got, all I need.


  1. If you know about the blimp in advance of a game, you should go to Lunken airport and see it docked. It's pretty cool to see.

  2. That would be awesome to see. Any idea how to know if its there in advance? I think that would make a really cool photo essay...

  3. Shit, the third pic is awesome. love the reflection of the sun in the skyscraper! greetins for norway!