Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Problem These Days is That Kids are Learning History Off The Walls of Applebees.

The past week in personal photography.

I feel my life is more in danger at the Kenwood Towne Centre on a weeknight than when I have an expensive camera around my neck in OTR and downtown at midnight. There was no update Monday because the out of warranty Macbook I'm currently typing on was getting repaired at the Apple Store in Kenwood. I was worried the brakes on the #1 Corolla Rager were going out, but utilizing them constantly on 71 and in the Towne Centre parking lot proved they were working just fine. I'm not sure what was more annoying - the morons inside the mall or the ones in the parking lot who don't know what a pedestrian is or have any idea how to back up their SUV. Despite the lack of a computer, QC/D kept on keeping on through a week of urban photo documentary.

- The setting sun silhouettes the "luxury" suites, grandstand, lights and barbed wire of the unused Cooper Stadium in Columbus.

On a Saturday morning I waded through a sea of people only to be told my computer was "fine." It wasn't. When I got home, the problem persisted. I would've gone back, but a temporary part-time employer needed me to stock their yogurt while dealing with old ladies who were mad that said employer was out of low-carb Vanilla. The next day I was in Columbus visiting family, one of my best friends and staring through a barbed wire fence at an abandoned baseball stadium.

Cooper Stadium, former home of the AAA Columbus Clippers, was replaced in 2008. It currently sits unused. Proposals have been floated around about turning the stadium into a racetrack. Indianapolis tried that with their former AAA ballpark. It didn't work out so well.

The Macbook went back in on Monday. While out of warranty, thankfully parts and labor were cheap. I spent a lovely Valentines Day with my lovely girlfriend at Joe's Diner on Sycamore, the place where we first met. The next day I braved Kenwood for the third time in three days. Going to Kenwood probably raises my blood pressure higher than any cigarette or cheeseburger ever could. Luckily that stress was relieved due to unseasonably beautiful weather and an evening of shooting photos, running into friends and discovering new places in Over-The-Rhine. One of them being the incredible, little known Jazz Club at Schwartz's Point.

- Ed Moss, owner of Schwartz's Point.

- Inside Schwartz's Point. 

Wednesday was another day of classes and grocery slavery. The warm weather and beautiful night were too good to pass up. So I met up with some friends to go out and shoot in the middle of the night, starting atop Mt. Adams.

- Looking down E. 8th St. from Rookwood Pottery in Mt. Adams.

- Skyline of the Cincinnati and Northern kentucky shores. The crumbling pillars at the bottom of the photograph are the remains of the Mt. Adams Incline.

At the base of the hill, there's a confluence of roadways, light and lines.

And on 2nd St., The Banks are rising, a new skyscraper towers in the distance, the ballpark waits for Spring, the Transit Center sits quiet below ground and a few cars pass while a few late night bar hoppers head back to their cars.

It's been a good week for photography, this weekend will be even better. There's a lot to see and a trip has been planned.

Update | Oct. 18, 2017:
  • Ed Moss passed away in 2016 and for a time, his jazz club sat closed. In 2017, it reopened with the help of his daughter. That QC/D story is here


  1. Great article, I love that Jazz spot, even though I am afraid my car will get broken into every time I go. I will note that your photo makes it look much larger then it actually is. Is small size is both its best and worst trait.

  2. It amuses me that people complain about downtown panhandlers who quietly ask for change then go on their way when the people working kiosks at Kenwood are super aggressive and won't take no for an answer. GEEZ!! Lucky for me I have a think skin and places to go, I don't slow down for anyone.

  3. I moved to CA in 78, been to Ed's place several times on visits to Cincy. While living in Cincinnati in the late 60's & early 70's I used to catch The "Ed Moss Trio" at the old Babe Baker's on Reading Rd. (I think it was Reading) Ed on piano, the late Jimmy McGary on tenor sax & I can't remember the bass players name.