Monday, March 12, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] The American West of Mt. Adams

#7 - Mt. Adams 1

The road is worn, a beaten and well traveled path. The afternoon sun is glaring down on it and despite the positive emotion of the blue sky ahead, an ominous structure appears on the horizon. Disconnected and abstracted from the rest of its structure, the "tiara" of the skyscraper appears as something different. The faded yellow traffic lines point toward the silhouette of the modern sculpture ahead. Overall, the photograph is harsh, dystopian almost. The view of the road seems more appropriate for a solitary traveler out West. It's out of context for the city's Mt. Adams neighborhood, just as the "tiara" is without its connection to the tower.

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Spring weather in Cincinnati is never a sure thing, hell, Cincinnati weather in general is never a sure thing. Last weekend there were tornadoes on Friday, warm sun on Saturday and then snow late Sunday night. This weekend, things were different. Sunday was gloriously warm. I began to realize that creating 224 unique views was going to take more effort. I needed to be out more, adventuring with the camera in hand [an American traveling in the American West?]. There was no excuse to waste the beautiful day as I rolled up Hill St. and saw the top of the city's tallest building just peeking over the horizon.


Mt. Adams is a neighborhood that has this "old world," almost European feel. The modern condos mix well with the historic row houses and Catholic church at the hill's peak. Cars crowd both sides of the street, parking is a premium, and navigation doesn't come easy to the unfamiliar visitor. Ascend the horizon of the hills in #7 and you're treated to a remarkable view of the metropolis below.

When the Great American Tower at Queen City Square was completed in 2010, it became the tallest skyscraper in Cincinnati. Its position on the East side of downtown makes it a prominent landmark from all around, but particularly from Mt. Adams. That day, it was the first thing that came into view which is why I chose to abstract the skyline's tallest point, a minimal view of the usual city vantage. The road looks more like one in the desert, the "tiara" more like a birrdcage.


Stay tuned for the second feature of the Great American Tower from Mt. Adams coming later today!


  1. Yet another great photo of our beautiful city. I was amazed when the 'tiara' was built, how easy it was to see it from parts of the city where downtown had never been visible before (particularly uptown just east of UC.)

  2. Very well written & photographed. You do such a nice service for we relocated elderly & young alike who truly miss Cincinnati & proud to call it my Hometown.
    Thank You,
    Richard(Dick) Harris

  3. The tiara can also be seen from Turpin High School's soccer/football field.

  4. That image is now my favorite of the Tiara!!!!!!!!!