Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch Break


My favorite place to take my lunch break was abandoned.

I used to eat here every Monday, some times more than once a week. I went in on a Friday, had the usual, said goodbye and left. As I walked out of the parking lot, I noticed some markings on the ground, but had no idea what they were for. After the weekend I came back for the usual Monday lunch. Door locked, open sign turned off. "Ollie," I think his name was, was in the drive through window. "We closed, sorry sir." I shook hands with him and said goodbye. Apparently the land was bought for some new development coming in - an office building or hospital.

The folks who worked here were friendly, always knew my order and although it was just one of many Gold Star Chili franchises in the area, it was always a nice place to go for lunch. Despite being just across the street from where I work, it was a nice break from whatever I was doing. I always enjoyed talking to the man behind the counter with his accent. I need to eat better anyways, now that my favorite place is gone maybe I'll actually do that.










  1. I wondered what happened I live by there get on the high way there ever day. Sucks to see a good spot go away.

  2. When I worked in Norwood years ago, this was one of my favorite places to go on nights when I woke up too late to have dinner at home. I hate to think of the number of chili-cheese sandwiches that passed through that drive-thru window to me.

  3. Looks like I won't be swinging by there to get any food on my way home anymore :(

  4. Sorry to see it go. Was a nice place.

  5. I was shocked to see this location close there by I-71 off Edwards... It always seemed to do good business.