Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[Suburbia Lost] Southeastern Indiana

- "Crave Zone."

Some abandoned locations in suburban Southeastern Indiana about 20 miles West of Cincinnati.


This White Castle in Greendale closed up and relocated about 10 minutes East, closer to the nearby casino.



A former Frisch's Big Boy turned closed "Asian Buffet:"

- An "out" sign in Frisch's Big Boy branding still in front of the buffet which was repainted after it ceased being a Frisch's.

- Clearly once a Frisch's Big Boy that was repainted.
- The drive-thru.
- Former Frisch's tile stacked up out back.
- Sign.

A closed driving range/mini golf course behind the abandoned buffet:

- Driving range.

- Mini golf.

Adjacent to the "Asian Buffet," an abandoned "American" Buffet once known as a Golden Corral with the chairs neatly stacked atop the tables.




Suburbia Lost is an ongoing documentation of decay in the sphere of a perceived paradise. After years of photographing abandoned, forgotten, and often historical locations in the city, this project aims to take a look at how structures fare in the sphere of suburbia. You can view other entires in the project, here

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  1. The White Castle was open from early 2000s until 2011 or 2012, when that new building was built closer to the casino.

    The Golden Corral was there from probably 2002 through 2009. It was the only buffet in town, and always seemed to have a good crowd there. It wasn't particularly clean or well-managed though.

    Frisch's had been there since the 1960's, and closed down around 2010 when they moved to their new-style building up the road, still on US 50. They had been leasing the old building from Rumpke for the entire duration, and realized they'd save a ton of money if they built their own. The Asian Buffet moved in a few months later, and lasted less than a year.

    The putt-putt had on and off use since the late 80s, and was usually in a state of disrepair when it got purchased by whoever else. It was out of business before Frisch's went away, and was doomed long before then, mostly by a lack of visibility of the road.

    I lived in Lawrenceburg/Greendale from 1986 through 2008ish, and my parents still do.