Monday, January 16, 2017

Reader Submission: Aerial View of Kings Island Construction

A QC/D reader sent in these photos from their aircraft of Kings Island's latest ride under construction.

A QC/D reader sent in these photographs recently: images from his aircraft of the construction currently going on at Kings Island Amusement Park north of Cincinnati. “Mystic Timbers” will be a ride themed to an evil tree that apparently culminates in a “shed” where something mysterious happens at the ride’s end. In the interesting history of the park, this coaster will be their fourth wooden one and fifth overall after the ill fated rise and fall of “Son of Beast.

Having not done any aerial photography in the past few years (like in these previous updates), I appreciate Mr. Schiaffo sending these in, it’s a unique look at the changing landscape at a local icon up north. It’s interesting to feature an active amusement park for once, unlike all the abandoned ones over the years. 

Additionally, Jason Clishe sent in these photos from a recent drone flight. You can see some awesome drone flight video's he's produced on his YouTube page.


  1. Those additional, drone images look much better than the first few. However, it seems that he didn't quite follow the rules regarding air space restrictions... You are not allowed to fly over areas where people are... Great shots though :) Anyway, for those who want to get more familiar with drone flight rules and aerial photography, I suggest checking out this article I found on the web:

    1. Good think he flew when the park was closed then.