Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

Favorite photographs made in February 2017 that didn't necessarily have a place in a larger article or story: Cincinnati views (both unique and streotypical), barrooms, Waffle House with Jesus, and a fish.

Images made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone 7+

- The start of Spring over old and new buildings.

- Guitar player at Cincinnati's greatest bar, Mecklenburg Gardens. If you know this guy's name, let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear him again.

- Displays inside Elm & Iron Loft.

- Favorite shot in a small series posted this month of street photographs from the Cincinnati Streetcar. View the rest.

- Cincinnati Streetcar approaching the 6/Main station.

- 4th St. from a "Skywalk."

- We bought a betta fish and named him "Edmund Fishgerald."

- Historic building among modern ones on 6th St.

- Fountain Square clock.

- Favorite place in the city: the Carew Tower observation deck.

- Over-The-Rhine from the Carew Tower Observation deck.

- Evening light coming into downtown.
For my friend Nick's 30th birthday, we spent the day touring historic Cincinnati brewery cellars (and then imbibing modern Cincinnati beer). I've photographed a lot of these places in the past and you can find more detailed history and photographs here. For the purpose of this post though, here's two different shots from the underground lagering cellars:

- Random gnomes in a lagering cellar beneath the former Crown Brewery.

- Excellent X-Files reference to the underground entrance of the former Crown Brewery. God love ya, Mulder.
 FC Cincinnati also began preseason and with warm weather comes good people and great beer at wonderful local pubs:

- Outside Rhinehaus looking down 12th St.

- Fellow Die Innenstadt member and current firefighter Todd hanging out during FCC's first 2017 preseason matchup.

- Lunch meeting view of Great American Ballpark from the Scripps Tower.

- What lies beneath 6th St.

- The Dennison Hotel building starting to be demolished.

- Friends meeting Waffle House regulars and playing Skip-Bo with Jesus.

QC/D Updates this past month:

Fading Advertisements: Normal Business College in Petoskey, MI | Just a quick add to the list of documented fading advertisements. 

[Suburbia Lost] Burger King - Allentown, PA | A new entry into the Suburbia Lost series and why you'll find abandoned Burger Kings and other fast food places, but you usually won't find a forgotten McDonald's.

[Suburbia Lost] BP Station - Maumee, Ohio | Another Suburbia Lost series entry. When your gas station gets too old, why renovate? It's cheaper to just build new. Also, Magic Johnson says to not drink underage. 

The Fates of Some Fading Signs | By chance, missing the bus shows that a thought to be lost fading advertisement still exists, while another dies nearby. 

From the Archives Part 4: Roseville Prison | A look back to an urban exploration from 2010, walking through an abandoned prison in Eastern Ohio. 

From the Train | A quick series of street photographs made while traveling on the Cincinnati Streetcar.

Signed Copies of Fading Ads of Cincinnati Available | A few signed copies of my second book are still available for sale.

From the Archives Part 3: Galbreath Field and the Cincinnati Riverhawks | A look back at some photos of an abandoned stadium tell the story of a forgotten pro soccer team. 

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  1. Great set of pics. Really enjoyed this. I love photographing OTR with the long lens from Carew!

    1. Thanks for checking them out! Been borrowing a 300mm and going up there. Such great views.

  2. I love Carew Tower. It's been almost 8 years since I've been up there; I think it's time for another visit!

    1. It's the best place in the city. Go back! Also, there's a great gyro place across the street.