Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fading Advertisements: Zanesville, OH

Recently, I spent a brief amount of time in Zanesville, Ohio while on my way to points eastward. I was mainly concerned with finding somewhere to eat rather than looking for fading advertisements. However, this one was impossible to miss, apparent right as I had entered downtown. Like a lot of signs in Cincinnati’s Central Business District and seen in the book, this one advertises the once essential wares for a typical office: typewriters, calculators, and adding machines. All for sale, service, or rental, all now found in the palm of your hand on one device. The company who once put up this sign also offered furniture and “supplies.” It was probably once a precursor to Staples except local, filled with neighbors, and vacant of cheap, red polo shirts and the marketing of a dying corporation.

There’s also about six different typefaces used in this one advertisement that’s still rather pristine, obvious, and doesn’t seem to be fading all that bad.

Love the design of the "S" in "Supplies."

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