Monday, July 17, 2017

[Fading Advertisements] Boston

A quick entry into the ongoing documentation of fading advertisements wherever I end up going. In some larger cities, these signs can be harder to come across. They'll disappear in the name of development and change far more quickly. While wandering around Boston, most of the ones I saw were pretty nondescript (like the one seen above), but there were a few with interesting back stories.

- "Progress."

- Not the traditional fading advertisement as there was no paint, but more and more these types of modern "ghost signs" are becoming common. 

The above building was once a cigar manufacturing facility which was opened in 1876 by German immigrant Francis X. Oberle. The advertisement on the side promotes cigars for merely 10 cents. These days, the businesses inside cater more towards the tourism that drives the area rather than the days past of manufacturing and labor.

- An old MBTA ad in the subway promotes a pass program.

- An advertisement barely hanging on.
- Nondescript.

- In Cambridge, MA an advertisement still promotes "baiting" and "stables."

- Hard to tell if there's anything still here, but it seemed like it was once a perfect spot for advertising.

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