Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017

Photographs from the month of July 2017 that didn't necessarily fit into a larger story or post. Images made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone 7+.

- Somewhere over the Northeast.

-Three types of pasta at a restaurant in Boston, MA that were supposed to symbolize the colors of the Italian flag.

- Dog in car. Northside, Cincinnati.

Last month, the Bay Horse Cafe was prepping to open and had its neon sign restored. The cafe hadn’t existed in several years and for most of that time, the sign sat locked in an abandoned, dusty storefront. The place is now open. It’s pretty good spot to get some writing done and it sells giant glasses of Hudepohl.

My friend Kile gave me the above promotional cards as a gift. Broadway Commons was a proposed site for a new Reds stadium that eventually became Great American Ballpark on the riverfront today. This park would’ve been built where Jack Casino now stands on the border of OTR and Pendleton. As a kid, I remember my dad really being in support of this idea. Many people were, the cards feature endorsements on the back. This stadium would’ve probably featured a far more faux “retro” look than the current ballpark. Nevertheless, I think the riverfront park and surrounding development have turned out just fine.

- Rainbow over Oakley.

One of my favorite bands is The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It may sound cliche, but I’ve liked them since I heard “The Impression That I get” (their most popular, but not best) on the radio as a kid. The Bosstones were booked to play Fort Thomas, KY's 150th anniversary festival, a free show. Despite having lived in that city for five years, nothing this cool ever happened there. I had actually been in Boston earlier in the week and caught this show when I got back. Unfortunately, the band doesn’t tour as much as they did in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. It’s only the second chance I’ve had to see them, but it was incredible to hear them live again. Was also awesome to sing into a microphone with Dicky Barrett once more, no matter how brief. Debating going to Riot Fest in Chicago this year to catch them again.

- Gentleman I met while waiting for the Bosstones show to start. We struck up a conversation over his Nihilist Arby’s shirt and our admiration for The Lawrence Arms/Brenden Kelly. 

- Setting up tifo at Nippert Stadium before a match. The “no” banner is based off of a photograph I made of goalkeeper Mitch Hildebrandt last year. Stadium set up has become the best part of match days.

- Bike ride and streetpop

- Daily commute.

- Rain in downtown Cincinnati. 

The gentleman on the right insisted I take his photograph. Said his name was Jay Bruce, but insisted he wasn’t the Jay Bruce of Reds' baseball infamy. Asked me to find him on Facebook and send the photo, but I could never locate him on there. Do you know, Jay? Tell him I have his photo. Also, everyone in the above shot is dressed far too warmly for July.

- A woman I met on the bus named Aletha. She was making everyone’s day. 

- Nippert Stadium during a match before the rain started. 

- The child of two of my best friends, sweeping in the same manner that we once swept amusement park queue lines.

- Main St. Cincinnati on a rainy evening. 

- Wonder if this guy’s shirt was really from a Slayer tour 29 years ago.

- 2Cellos performing at PNC Pavilion.
- Evening commute via bus and walking home through a park in Oakley.

In June, I only got around to one QC/D post. In July, I got a lot more done. Updates from the past month:

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