Friday, August 18, 2017

The Village Troubador

The Village of Greenhills, north of Cincinnati is a charming, little place. It has history dating back to The Great Depression, when the town was planned from its inception as one of three “Greenbelt Communities” established by the Federal Government as part of the New Deal. Unlike most American suburbs these days, snaked with highways and littered with chain restaurants, Greenhills is a lot simpler. If you’re like me, you may remember the Johnny’s Toys location and its toy castle or the Creamy Whip ice cream stand and its “cone sign” that was the subject of what passes for controversy here.

The village’s original layout is listed on the National Register of Historic Place, but the place has plenty of local history as well. One great spot is the Village Troubador coffee shop. Brewing local Deeper Roots coffee, regularly featuring music, and also serving good food, the shop is located in a former bank branch. They’ve done a nice job of preserving the feel of the former business, while updating it with a modern presence. You can even pull up a chair in the former vault or sip espresso while looking out the old drive-thru teller windows.

Definitely one of the more interesting coffee shops in Cincinnati and a good place to kill some time. That ice cream shop mentioned earlier: just down the street. Even if they can’t keep their cone shaped sign on the roof, it’s still one of the best soft serve spots in the area.

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  1. Thanks for doing 2 back to back posts involving my home town bud!