Thursday, September 14, 2017

71X Views

Recently saw an Instagram post by Wes (@battophoto) showcasing a series of photographs he made while traveling between San Jose and Sacramento on Amtrak. It's a really interesting collection, highlighting the unique perspectives seen while traveling via train. While I've done something somewhat similar with the streetcar and have enjoyed Cincinnati's only Amtrak route before, I didn't have a few days to wait for the non-daily rail service to loop back from Chicago to Cincy. I did, however, need to go get my car out of the shop. So I hopped on Metro's Kings Island Express to get to the Kings Automall, bucking my usual local bus ride that's much shorter and while taking some inspiration from Wes' great work.

Seen here are some views from the 71X which loops through downtown, up to Kings Island, and then takes local roads to Fields-Ertel, transitioning from urban to suburban via the highway and is capped by two very different environments.

Thanks for the inspiration, Wes!

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