Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017

Photographs made in November 2017.

Not a whole lot of "one off" photos this month, but a bunch of stories published in November. They're linked at the end of this post.

Frames made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone 7+.

- Temporary crosswalk sign at 6/Vine. Would actually love if this had stayed.

- When in Cincinnati, see the city and go by train.

- 8th and Main Streetcar Station.

- Top floor of the parking garage which serves The Building that Changes Color.

- Parking lot, Columbus.

- Ohio's hockey team.

- Street vendor, Columbus.

- Madison Rd, Oakley, Cincinnati.

- Federal Building on Main Street, Cincinnati.

- Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas shopping (thanks, Bob).

- Former entrance to Surf Cincinnati's "Fun City" section.

After Thanksgiving Dinner (lunch), I swung by Surf Cincinnati just to see if any more had been demolished since the majority of it came down in 2009. There's still a few remnants around, most of them covered in the last few updates here on QC/D. I recently started on a new book and Surf Cincinnati is a subject that gets a lot of attention in one of the chapters. Even with not much left, it's still something I enjoy going to visit and see.

- Graffiti on train, Oakley, Cincinnati.

- Graffiti/Beach Boys lyrics details.

- Looking down from The Carew Tower Observation Deck, there's a piece of street art by a famous artist on the rooftops.

- Carew Tower Observation Deck, evening. 

- I helped my family make Christmas cookies and felt all the Santas and holiday symbols needed a cookie that looks like The Grimmace
- 7th Street.
- My favorite church in Downtown Cincinnati: Our Lady of Ample Parking.

The QC/D stories from November 2017:

Northside Applebee's - A satirical look at when a local bar "dressed up" as a typical, mundane suburban chain restaurant for Halloween.

[Fading Advertisements] Beauty - A ghost sign hidden in an OTR alleyway, one that's coincidentally the best named street in the city. 

Autumn Morning in Covington - Some frames made in Covington, KY across the river as the leaves turned, before the city started miserable weather season.

[Suburbia Lost] Success Story/Taco Loco #2 - A look at how an abandoned suburban restaurant retains its iconic look, but has become a much better local restaurant. Abandoned as fast food, reborn as tacos. 

Gwynne Building Details - Some frames made looking at an historic building in Downtown Cincinnati and some of its features.

The Shuttered Sports Bar on Madison Rd. - A seemingly innocuous, abandoned sports bar on the city's East Side had a revolving door of names. But there's much, much more to the story which is better told by an iconic radio host. 

Swoon at The CAC - Checking out the work of an iconic artist on the walls of a gallery and the streets of the city.

Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field Implosion - My mom dug up an old family video, one where we went to see The Cincinnati Reds former stadium get demolished. The video is shot from Mt. Adams, no buses blocking our view like in Atlanta. 

The Alignment of Cincinnati and Covington - Ever noticed how Cincinnati and Covington's streets seem to align, but the main bridge sits askew? This story explores why that is through photographs.

Where Race Street End (For Now) - Some frames made at the end of Race St., a thoroughfare waiting to be finished. 

[Fading Advertisements] The Winslow's Next Door Neighbor - This ghost sign is more of a mural and features a lot of interesting details, including the appearance of an iconic sitcom character.

Arrow Collecting - A photographic look at identifying a common symbol and how varied it appears throughout the landscape.

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