Sunday, May 6, 2018

April 2018

A week late. Almost. But I've had the monthly post thing going for almost two years and I didn't want to let the streak die. Only one other post this month, but tons of stuff on a to-do list and a metric ton of drafts that I haven't had time to finish yet. Ran a 10K, though.

Photographs with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone X.

- Madison Rd. in Oakley.

- 8th Street.

- Downtown.

- Camp Washington.

- American Sign Museum (Why don't all Arby's serve breakfast?),

- Camp Washington.

- From Columbia Parkway.

- 7th Street.

- A Reds' schedule magnet on a recepticale that serves as a physical manifestation of the season on said schedule.

- A good friend of mine visited The Carew Tower Observation Deck for the first time. If you've never been there, go.

- The West End from atop The Carew Tower. The leftmost green area is where the high school football stadium on the right will be relocated so room can be made for FC Cincinnati's new soccer stadium.

- Island of historic buildings surrounded by interstates and parking.

- 5th Street and Walnut Street.

- Downtown Cincinnati.

- Main St.

- Awesome birthday gifts from Laura.

- Goose.

- Southbank Shuttle on a Friday night.

- Sad, suburban Dairy Queen.

QC/D Updates this past month:

Dispatch From a Waffle House in London, Ohio | A quick road trip story in the wake of turning 29.