Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July 2018

Been traveling around the Midwest and within the Queen City, eating random Chinese food and trying to believe that ska isn't dead. Check out the recap of this month's stories at the bottom of the post. Heading out of the country for the first time in August as a lot of other life stuff shakes out and I find myself asking: "is Rhinegeist really going to build an aerial gondola?' Also, I got to hang out with Calen Carr. He was really cool to talk with.

More QC/D posts on their way, maybe my photos will be hanging in a coffee shop some day?

In the meantime, here are my favorite photographs that didn't have a spot in a larger post or article in the past month.

Photographs made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone X.

- Artistic depiction of The Carew Tower within The Carew Tower Observation Deck.

- Interstates 71 and 75 on The Brent Spence Bridge heading towards Kentucky.

- The legendary Barry Larkin on a bar coaster.

- Nice light in the neighborhood.

- 20th Century Theatre, Oakley, Cincinnati.

- Urbana's new East Walnut Hills location.

- Wedding reception aboard the Cincinnati Streetcar.

- One of the "Cincinnati Worms" (is there a better or proper term?). Ghost outline of a dinosaur sticker too.

Often, the members of Die Innenstadt and other supporters groups get together to make banners and "two poles" for FC Cincinnati matches. They often reference the club and the culture surrounding the team. While taking a night off from the megaphone for a match, I stood with some friends in the middle of the stands. Saw this rise up in front of me as play started. It's me, with a megaphone, wearing the hat that my dad used to hawk Hudepohl in during cold Bengals matches at Riverfront Stadium. The "ole" is a play on Shepard Fairey's "obey." Thanks Jeremy, for making this, it was an awesome surprise to come across. I feel immortalized.

- Stickers from the Metal Fingers Krew street artists have started showing up at my local gas station.

- Cincinnati Streetcar on Walnut.

- Uniforms of different eras.

- Waiting out the rain that cut into my run, watching trains.

Bird scooters showed up at the end of the month. The first day, they were fun. The second day, I actually used one to run an errand. It was great. I'm not sure how sustainable the business model is, but so far I like the addition (and that Cincinnati wasn't too far behind on this trend).

I'm guessing some local politician will try to legislate against these while others claim they're an actual transportation option.

Also, if you ride these on the sidewalk: stop.

- My fellow commuter, Don, who let me take his photograph in some nice light as we discussed coffee.

QC/D Updates This Past Month:

[Fading Advertisements] Nashville, Elizabethtown KY, Cincinnati, a PR Guru, and Pizza | Rounding up some recent "ghost sign" shoots from local spots and traveling. These signs tie in to the story of building redevelopment, a guy who was killed by a cannon, some local icons, and some snarky remarks.

Quick Trip To Columbus | A few frames made while spending a day in Ohio's capital city.

Yum Yum | When I was a kid, I saw a Chinese restaurant Downtown that I thought was abandoned. It's been open all this time and it's fascinating. One of my favorite QC/D stories I've ever put together.

Barry McGee | Cincinnati has a piece from a renown street artist, but ironically, it's best viewed from local art institutions rather than the street itself. Also: we had a cameo in "Exit Through The Gift Shop."

Mephiskapheles | My friend told me to go see a band with him. They were great. Made a few quick frames in the back of a deli as they performed. 

When I Die: Bury Me Behind Sad Sam's Fireworks Outlet and Market | Went to Nashville to watch FC Cincinnati. Some photographs and stories from the road and within this city.

Cincinnati Streetcar | Trying to get creative while photographing the city's rail system.

The Observation Deck Atop Carew Tower |  Dug up some photographs from atop the Carew Tower that I never got around to posting before. Love this place.

From the Pitch | I've attended almost every FC Cincinnati home match. All of those matches have been enjoyed from the stands. Until this one when I stepped back into the world of sports photography. 

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