Monday, January 21, 2019

October 2018 - January 2019

I used to publish a monthly collection of photographs that didn't have a place in a larger story or post. Since July 2016, that was my routine. I decided to change things up, though, and just get around to publishing random collections of frames whenever I have some time.

No pressure, no artificial deadline imposed on myself.

So here are some photographs made between October 2018 and January 2019 that didn't have a place in a larger story or post.

- Race Street, Over-The-Rhine.

- One of my favorite FC Cincinnati players, Emery Welshman, holding the Die Innenstadt scarf I threw to him after the last match of the season. Very happy to see he's coming up with the club to MLS.

- Over-The-Rhine alleyway.

- Early afternoon moon, Downtown Cincinnati.

- Garage door paint, Downtown.

- Over-The-Rhine.

- Oakley mural.

- Finally upgraded the film I'm shooting with.

- Fog in Columbus.

- Fog in Cleveland.

- Barroco. Cleveland.

- Itchy and Scratchy street art, OTR.

- Kile at Rhinehaus, OTR.

- Eternal flame of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center with the Skystar Ferris Wheel.

- Self portrait at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

- Mason, Ohio.

- Walnut Hills.

- Abandoned pet store, Oakley. 

- Channeling @minimalcar_mag.

- Checking up on a recent subject, the Jungle Jim's monorail.

- Finally had a chance to visit the renovated Union Terminal.

- Brochures in the new Holocaust and Humanity Center overlooking freight trains* at Union Terminal.

*One section of the museum specifically has its windows to the outside unobstructed. This is to present a view of the trains and tracks that served/serve Cincinnati's passenger rail terminal. Inside the museum, near this vantage point, is a display on how trains were used in The Holocaust.

Some recent stories published with

I toured the recently relocated Nancy and David Wolf Holocaust and Humanity Center at the recently renovated Cincinnati Museum Center. The center is incredible, telling powerful stories of local Holocaust survivors.

The Skystar Ferris Wheel was intended to be temporary and recently extended its stay along Cincinnati's riverfront. Could it stick around permanently and give the Queen City a tourist attraction similar to Seattle, Atlanta, London, and many other cities?

Slightly related: Las Vegas' tumultuous ferris wheel attractions.

Cobblestone OTR is a new bar offering up complimentary shoe shining (on select nights), custom beer, signature drinks, a unique interior, and even lights that change color when the streetcar approaches—making transit connectivity simple and easy.


Back soon with more QC/D stories.

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