Monday, August 12, 2019

[35mm Ohio] Cars

Never had much appreciation for cars outside of utilitarian purpose.

Never saw those Disney movies.

Have seen Days of Thunder many times, though.

Got a roll of Porta 400 back from the lab that featured three automobiles of various eras.

So far on these 35mm Ohio trips, I've driven 2576.7 miles.


  1. Did you happen to catch the badge on that middle car? I've never seen that model before. Cars make up the bulk of my photography, and fortunately for me they tend to be easy things to photograph since you generally have good lighting. Capturing them as part of a larger environment is definitely an art in its own right though. The last picture would look off if there wasn't a car there,,,,

    1. Unfortunately I did not. Looks super sleek, though. I'm a fan of the headlights.