Friday, January 10, 2020

Fort Wayne

After a quick pass through of Fort Wayne in 2018, I wrote: “[this trip has been] another reminder that, despite all the times I've been to Fort Wayne in my life, I need to make a better effort to spend more time exploring that city. It's a great place in the Midwest.”

In the Summit City at the end of 2019, I spent an hour or so exploring, but once again found myself short on time. Here’s a quick round up of photographs and another reminder to get back.

- Brunch at Proximo, a delicious spot downtown. 

- Rooftop apartment and the city’s iconic Lincoln Bank Tower.

Fort Wayne has its own distinct brand of coney dogs, a Midwest staple with cities such as Detroit and Cincinnati also featuring their own styles. “Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island” has had a constant line of devoted customers since 1914.

Following the trend of many cities, Fort Wayne offers up its own collection of unique, commissioned murals.

And every year for the holidays, the light up Santa sign makes its return. The lighting of the sign dates back to a historic department store and has been a local tradition since 1940 (although it did disappear for a time).

Another trend that Fort Wayne is following (and taking a lead on in some respects considering certain other larger cities have dragged their feet on such a concept) is a pedestrian only street:

- W. Columbia Street.

There’s a nice collection of hand-painted advertisements throughout the city... well as, a great collection of neon signs (that admittedly would be better to photograph at night, but you do what you can with the time you have):

Honorable mentions: this night club sign on a historic building and this shell of a payphone.

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  1. The Oyster Bar looks like a tasty time...might have to make the trek up there from here in Connersville.
    Once again, thank you for sharing your travels with us!