Wednesday, March 4, 2020

October 2019 - March 2020

Favorite photographs made between the end of October 2019 and the beginning of March 2019 that didn't necessarily have a place in a larger story or post, made with the real camera and phone camera. 

- Bill Rinehart.

I went to Kings Island for the first time in six years back in 2018. Wasn’t sure if I’d find myself back there again, but ended up visiting for one last ride on the now-defunct Vortex with some of the best friends I’ve ever known: all of whom I met through or at the park.

- Vortex + friends.

- Found another piece from ‘We Are Alive In The World,’ this time in Oakley.

- Visited the Ariel-Foundation Park in Mt. Vernon, Ohio to shoot film. Shot some digital insurance, like the image above, as well.

- Made this portrait of acclaimed artist Tyler Shields after interviewing him for WVXU.

- Covered BrewDog for Cincinnati Refined.

- Benny and Nana.

- Billairds table as seen on Thanksgiving at the suburban bowling alley bar where I’m not allowed to play the juke box anymore. 

- Portrait of good friend and talented actor, Bob Brumberg.

-  New York Rangers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets.

- Portrait of Howard Wilkinson for WVXU.

- Revisited Jungle Jim’s Monorail, this time in service to Cincinnati Refined.

- X-mas decorations at 'The Flying Pig' in Oakley.

- Kroger Headquarters. 

- Central Parkway.

- Been playing a lot of Skee-Ball lately. 

- FC Cincinnati stadium construction. 

- Long story short: I acquired a ton of Disney monorail track in my 20s to decorate an eclectic apartment I no longer live in. Recently gave most of it to the coolest kid: my former roommates of said apartment's son.

- This view may not look like much but these tracks used to be at street level and used to carry passengers to an amusement park that used to be on the right of the image. Full story at/for Cincinnati Refined.

- This might have been the first time I ever intentionally photographed one of the city’s “yellow lamps.”

- Queensgate II parking garage. I recently spoke about this fascinating structure on WVXU.

- Buildings on the west side of Downtown.

- Sampled Senegalese food and bouye for the first time at Sene Grill in West Chester

- Stopped by this geodesic dome outside Cleveland to shoot some soon-to-be developed film

- Delicious Korean food prepared by the aforementioned best friends/roommates of the eclectic monorail apartment. 

- Back at Bockfest. Back for soccer and this city

- One more WAAITW found as I was on my way to finish this post. 

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