Sunday, January 24, 2010

"If I wanted weather like this, I'd move to Seattle..."

As local radio host Scott Sloan said the other day via his twitter account:

I wasn't just pissed that day. I've been pissed the past 15 days (and counting). I can hardly sleep, I keep having these bad dreams and I can't stay focused on the things I need to get done. To top it all off the weather has been cold and pretty crappy, but the river is getting high and leaving the city gritty:

By the way: Leno sucks. They should've kept Conan on the Tonight Show.


  1. Leno does suck...that's for sure. Great photos.

  2. Thanks Rando. Hope things are going well in the ATL.

  3. Fantastic pictures! I especially like the one of the pay phone.

  4. LOL, I was just telling some friends I could have stayed in Youngstown for this s#!t.

  5. You might want to keep your camera handy for this weekend. With all of the rain and snowmelt we have had and even more precip we are getting this week the river should crest pretty close to flood stage.

    NWS Hydrologic Prediction for Cincinnati

    Nice use of B/W for this series.