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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Selling Out For Our Fifteen Minutes of Fame

After the Enquirer did a really cool piece on the adventures of myself and my friend Dr. Venkman, we started getting a lot of attention. The article got picked up on the wire and even made it into online and print editions of USA Today, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Boston Herald, The Dayton Daily News and The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (yeah, from THE Fort Wayne, Indiana). Fox 19 contacted us and invited us onto their morning show. Conan O`Brien (who was a million times better than Jay Leno) never approached us to be on the Tonight Show in his final days as host, so we decided we would take Fox 19's offer. So Friday morning gather your kids around the tv and tune into WXIX to hear some stories and see some pictures.

What: Gordon Bombay and Venkman on the Fox 19 Morning Show
Channel: Fox 19 WXIX
Time: 8:30 A.M.
Date: 1/29/10

Some of the more "hardcore urban explorers" and haters on the Enquirer comment section might see this as "selling out," but we think it will be cool and appreciate the offer from Fox 19, so we're gonna do it anyways. Don't forget after you check out our fifteen minutes of fame in the morning and go to work, you can unwind in the evening by coming to the new Forgotten Cincinnati exhibit. Stop by, say hello and enjoy Final Friday.


  1. Congrats - can't wait to watch! :)

  2. Wow, this is huge. I'm sure it will majorly increase turnout at your exhibit later on that night. Congrats.

  3. I'll have to set the DVR, will we see you in OTR? We'll be up there running around.

    And congrats on all the exposure. Its what I've always said, keep doing things you love, people will pickup your enthusiasm, if they don't? Hey, you're doing something you love.

  4. That's awesome!!! You have the right attitude about this opportunity. Most naysayers are just jealous of others' success, and will cloak this idea with the term "selling out". Hopefully this will be a continuation of a very long 15 minutes.

    Looking forward to the opening this weekend.

  5. Thanks everyone, hope we don't embarrass ourselves or look too nerdy. 5chw4r7z, I'll be all over I'm sure we'll run into each other and I'll be sure to check Twitter.

    JW House, can't wait for the exhibit, gonna be a good time. Thanks again to you guys for having us!

  6. Hey I caught it this morning. Congrats. Is it just me or did it seem the guy interviewing made an effort to talk more than you?

  7. haha he made an effort to get in as much as he could. He asked a lot of stuff really fast. THanks for watching. Keep in contact with Venkman, we need to meet up soon.

  8. congrats!
    here's a link to the video for anyone who missed it

  9. Agreed. Coincidentally there's been interesting plans that have come up for tomorrow. I PMed Venkman the details on UER.

  10. Hmm, you should forward me the same message.

  11. Just catching up on my RSS...

    I didn't know all that happened post-Enquirer article! Congratulations guys, and nice interview.