Friday, July 5, 2019

The Polaroid SX-70

“I have a few more cameras for you, one of them is a Polaroid.”

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Vhils on 5th St.

November 2014 vs. July 2019.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Revolving Restaurant of Covington

In 2009, archaeologists believed they had uncovered evidence of the first revolving restaurant. If their research was correct, Emperor Nero had one in his Palatine Hill Palace around 54-68 AD—quite awhile before the idea of spinning dining rooms spread across the United States (and Cincinnati) in the mid-20th Century.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I don’t know how best to describe my relationship with or affinity for postcards. On one hand, they’re a unique gesture—an expressive medium that occasionally exemplifies good photography. On the other, they’re simply a means of communicating sentiment. They also serve as historic footnotes—representations of certain places, documentation of when those locales were held dear/promoted, how a physical space appeared at a certain time.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

End of the Hudepohl Brewery

An early QC/D subject, and piece of Cincinnati history, comes down.