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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

FC Cincinnati v. Valencia CF

On Monday, July 24, 2017, FC Cincinnati of the American second division United Soccer League took on Valencia CF of Spain's first division La Liga. The event marked the second international friendly in the local club's history, taking place among what's already been a season of memorable matches.

I took a break from standing at the front of The Bailey with a megaphone to shoot some photos and just take in the event. Here's a selection of photographs made that night.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Around the Neighborhood

A quick photo series made while cycling around the neighborhood the other night.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Anniversary of the Miami-Erie Canal

- The canal as seen in Middletown, Ohio. Image via Nick Rechtin.

192 years ago, on what was probably a sweltering summer day not all dissimilar to now, a ceremony took place in Middletown, Ohio. Governors Jeremiah Morrow of Ohio and Dewitt Clinton of New York put shovels to the ground and turned over the first bits of earth in the largest engineering feat that what was then known as the Northwestern United States had ever seen. Ohio had only been officially a state for 22 years and the Miami-Erie Canal would take nearly that amount of time to complete after the leaders met that day in the city between Cincinnati and Dayton. Running from Toledo and Lake Erie in the North, to the Queen City and Ohio River in the South, the canal was essentially a superhighway in days well before the modern automobile was conceived and only about five years before the locomotive started coming into favor. Nevertheless, the canal soldiered on at around 5 m.p.h as oxen, horses, and mules pulled boats between the locks and various towns.

At the height of its prosperity, nearly 4,000 workers earned thirty cents a day working this canal and others across within Ohio’s borders. The canal saw technology advance and time pass by. It helped ferry slaves to freedom and carried cargo as the Civil War came and went. An essential transportation link, it directly served many destinations such as Cincinnati's Music Hall (this November will mark the 190th anniversary of the first canal trip to the historic venue). After historic statewide flooding in 1913, much of the canal was destroyed and few saw the value in reviving it. All over, the canal’s path was repurposed. Cincinnati attempted to build a subway in its place, but settled for a road above the tunnels. All over you’ll still find major thoroughfares and recreational trails like the Great Miami Riverway following the path of the old canal, using its remains as a guide.

Nearly two centuries later, several folks in Middletown recognize the significance of today’s anniversary. They realize what the canal stood for, how it transformed a young state. You can still ride a canal boat in Piqua, but you’ll find a specific museum in Middletown, located right along the route of the canal which started there 192 years ago on this very day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Postcards From Boston

I love Cincinnati dearly. I’ve been here all my life. I’ve helped support progress and have the utmost respect for those who also strive to see this city reach its true potential, whether it’s their lifelong or adopted home. I’ve been an advocate and preached the glory of the Queen City to all those who’ll listen, whether they be local naysayers, visitors, or people I meet while traveling. Every now and then though, I contemplate what it would be like to leave, go someplace else for awhile.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

[Suburbia Lost] McDonald's - Forest Park, OH

In a recent Suburbia Lost entry we took a look at the "pizza hut phenomenon.' I.E. When purpose built structures of restaurant chains and fast food organizations have such a distinct identity it's hard to imagine them being anything else. Oftentimes, these businesses are actually leasing the buildings and when something new opens up, the building's design gives you a direct clue to its history. There's one organization though that never really falls victim to this and that's McDonald's.