Monday, March 19, 2018

The Terrace Plaza | Part 3 - The Future?

The Dennison Hotel building wasn’t anywhere near as grand or as historically significant as the Terrace Plaza. Nevertheless, it was a historic structure designed by a prominent person and located within a protected historic district. I wrote about the place briefly back in 2016, but the building eventually came crumbling down amongst political controversy that saw preservation guidelines ignored and nothing new rise up in its place. I was sad to see it go. Others took it a lot harder, which is understandable. The loss of historic buildings tears away at the fabric of what gives a city its unique identity. Cincinnati hasn’t always been the best at respecting that or even realizing it. Phil Armstrong certainly understands it, he aided in the effort to try and save The Dennison and he's the person introduced in Part 1 of this story. Ultimately, certain political elements of the city were able to force the demolition through, shrugging the building off as not much of a loss. I’ll get into more detail about the Dennison with a new post in the near future, but all this is to say that there are people like Phil who want to see historic structures saved, who realize their importance, and value their existence. That’s what drew him to the Terrace Plaza. He sees this as a chance for the community to not make another mistake, to get things right, and preserve something historic. His photographs are helping to make that case, reminding us of what the Terrace Plaza once was and could be again.

The Terrace Plaza | Part 2 - The Present

With a passing glance, the Terrace Plaza’s front entrance seems like any other urban hotel. There’s still quite a few cars parked under the awning, as if valet service is catering to a busy check in. On this day, there were plenty of guests inside, but they weren’t of the lodging variety.

The Terrace Plaza | Part 1 - The Past

In the time I’ve been putting this website together/been a professional photographer, there have been a lot of places I wanted to see and document locally. With many of them, I eventually had the opportunity either through my own resources, invitations, or through organizations I’ve worked with. There was always one that seemed to escape me, though.

It was always on the cusp of redevelopment, still active, changing hands, or in some other state of flux. I knew a little about its history, knew it was significant, but I didn't know all of the details. Often, I forgot it even existed. Occasionally, I’d catch glimpse of this UFO-like structure hiding amongst the city’s skyline and I’d think “I really need to see that place.” But among day jobs, other projects, and the shifting priorities of life in general, I never quite got around to looking into it.

Then one day, the opportunity presented itself.

Thanks to a heads up from my friends Phil and Ryan, as well as the Cincinnati Preservation Collective, I had the chance to photograph the Terrace Plaza Hotel.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Goodbye to The Gardens

There was never a better place to watch hockey in Cincinnati. The Gardens was classic. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

An Urban Geyser in Pleasant Ridge

In the Cincinnati neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge, a dislodged fire hydrant lead to the appearance of an urban geyser.