Ongoing Series

The ongoing projects of Ronny Salerno and Queen City Discovery:

35mm Ohio:

From the Archives:

Over the years, a lot of photographs have been made for QC/D with the intention of being part of stories. However, not all of them made it to the main site. This series takes a look on old DVD's and hard drives to dig up stories that were never published before. 

Kings Waffle:

The ongoing photographic and interview documentation of a suburban diner and its patrons, some of the finest people I know. 

Suburbia Lost:

After years of photographing abandoned buildings in older urban centers, this project takes a look at the ruins left behind in American suburbs locally and found on travels throughout the country. 

Check out the documented locations here

Fading Advertisements:

In late 2015/early 2016, I published my second book: Fading Ads of Cincinnati, which took a look at the history and remains of the city's fading advertisements or "ghost signs." Since the book's publication, I've kept up on documenting these wherever I find them and keeping updates on the fate of some of the ones from the book.

Views of Cincinnati:

An often photographed subject: the Cincinnati skyline. This project was an attempt to seek it out and view it in different ways.

Urban Exploration:

Since the beginning in 2007, QC/D has featured a lot of stories about urban exploration: the documentation of abandoned places. From forgotten amusement parks to unused subway tunnels to ghost ships - stories from all across adventures in the midwest and elsewhere


Stories of history, people, places, and anything else over the years ranging from at home in Cincinnati to the places I go.

Road Trips and Travel:

Stories made while on the road, traveling mostly by car, with the occasional train, flight, and ship.


Typically quick photo updates with short reflections that don't always fit into other series.

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