Thursday, November 8, 2007

There's a reason for the 21st Century...

...not too sure, but I know that it's meant to be.

Queen City Disco

All the creatures, on the beaches
Makin' waves in the motion picture.

Queen City Disco

Won't you keep this, in between us
Search and seizure, wake up Venus.

Queen City Disco

The dollar bill will
Mentally ill Bill
While Mom and dad take your don't-be-sad-pill.

Queen City Disco

Turn the screw and twist my language
Don't frustrate me I'm contagious.

Queen City Disco

Simple Soldier, hand it over
Stop and read what you just wrote her.

Queen City Disco

Strangulation, altercation
Oral sex and bird migration.

Theres a reason for the 21st Century, not to sure but I know that it's meant to be.

The cats name is "Pep Pep"
Nelsonville Rail Yards
Hocking Vallery Drive In


  1. words aren't yours

    1. Made this post a long time ago. Originally the link went to the Chili Peppers song "21st Century."