Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hayswood Hospital and Parker Tobacco Co. (The trip to Maysville, KY.)

I recently met up with good friends Seicer and Tron2.0 for a trip to historic Maysville, Kentucky. Located just down the Ohio River from Cincinnati. We made our trip at the end of November to this quaint and beautiful river town recovering from Thanksgiving and gearing up for Christmas. Maysville has all the charm of the 1950's American boomtown but unlike small river city's such as Hamilton, Ohio, Maysville seems to have managed to keep its charm and economy intact. Among the historic victorian houses of Market St. sits a relic of the towns past; the Hayswood Hospital. The facility was originally built in 1915 and featured two expansions; once in 1925 and another in 1971 where it reached its maximum capacity of 87 patient beds. The hospital closed in 1983 due to lack of room for further expansion and the construction of a more modern facility.