Monday, July 7, 2008

And in the end?

And in the end the East of Ohio was ok, but I am in no hurry to go back out in that direction and slowly being back in the Queen City has not been all that great. I need to get away and I am sorry for the lack of updates. Seicer and Tron are finally back and its time to organize an exploring trip, so if you're interested you know how to contact myself or some of the other Mighty Ducks. Until then here are some photos of a bomb shelter I found in the hills on the western side of the Cincinnati loop. I am happy with my photography again and if anyone ever reads this stuff or looks at it, whether its the abandoned stuff or the other stuff, I just hope someone someday realizes it all has a meaning.

Queen City Disco will be back with more shortly, thanks to everyone who bugged for an update and who has been there the past year. I just wish someone wanted to go exploring.


  1. I want to go exploring! My boyfriend and I are always trying to scout locations, but never really know where to begin.

    I'm also quite interested in learning more about your trip up to Americana... how might one contact management/the owner to obtain permission to take photos there?

  2. nobody wants to go exploring? i am. im trying to plan a tour of some of pennsylvania's mental hospitals actually. are you a part of ? its kind of a pain sometimes, but one of the best ways i know of to find other explorers/photographers around the country.