Monday, September 22, 2008

Cincinnati Bridges, Cincinnati Highways.

I drove back from South East Ohio. I had planned to actually stay there for a weekend. However, I'm not always happy there and needed to get some stuff photographed this weekend. There's not much in Albany, Athens, Chauncey, or Pomeroy, but there was a lot in Cincinnati. After 3 hours down the Appalachian highway and merging into rush hour traffic I had, had about enough of Cincinnati traffic. After seafood and ice cream with a five year old, I was tired and wanted to sleep. Seicer called and wanted to do some exploring, so on 4 hours of sleep and after driving three hours across the state I found myself downtown at midnight crawling over the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

The bridge is an icon of the Queen City. It was actually built as a prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

The bridge was completed in December of 1866, and while only two lanes and significantly smaller than its Brooklyn counterpart, it has been a symbol of the Queen City. Hopefully the bridge will receive some TLC in the coming years with the construction of the new Riverfront Park (eventually?).

Seicer and I headed out to capture photographs of this bridge at night. Aside from the typical 1990's brochure night shots such as the one above, it's very hard to capture this bridge at night. Trying to photograph anything underneath it is made complicated by the tent cities and squatters.

Contrast shots between the bridge at night and day.

The Roebling at night and at day.

After the Roebling Bridge, Seicer and I decided to do some "Urban Exploration." This isn't your typical "Urbex." Instead of photographing "abandoned buildings," we sought to do some real exploring of the Queen City urban environment.

Queen City Discovery: Night photographs of Cincinnati's Highways.

- Where 4th Street converges with Interstate 75 North.
- Interstate 75 North and South.

It's like being in the eye of the storm, amidst the loud noises of engines and tires screeching there is a peace to be found and a view most people only see for a split second while rushing down the highway. For some people, the underpasses and highways provide a shelter and a place to sleep, for others its just a way home from work.

- Interstate 75.

- Cincinnati Highway Overpass.

Photography is a reflection of what you are feeling and what is going through your mind, the moments you capture reflect something you want to express, even if nobody knows it at all.

Update | Sept. 21, 2017:

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  1. I was sitting on top of the Brooklyn Bridge last week, and thought to myself, "ya know, this is very similar to that bridge I climbed in Cincy." When I climbed down and walked across the bridge I noticed a plaque honoring so and so Roebling, who designed both.