Thursday, August 14, 2008

More to this city than meets the eye.

I have often heard people say that Cincinnati is only considered a major city because it has "major league sports teams." Nothing could be further from the truth, while the Queen City is no Chicago or New York (and is certainly better than Pittsburgh), it is in fact a major city. Facing major city problems, major city crime, and major city progress. As a kid, Cincinnati represented the "major city" you saw on tv or depicted in comic books. The Cincinnati of the 90's was ushered out when they imploded Riverfront Stadium. Since then the city has been on a furious redevelopment sweep and grows every day. It may not be L.A. but Cincinnati is a wonderful place on the banks of the muddy Ohio to spend your time exploring in the hot afternoon with your friends, or to go about in the evening city light with the ones you really care about.

Seicer recently moved from Lexington to Cincinnati, along with him and RJ17, the QCD crew has been making new discoveries around Cincinnati all summer.