Friday, July 31, 2009

QC/D on "Explore Cincinnati," Temporary Leave of Absence and "Can You Guess It?"

- Emily and Travis in the University of Cincinnati Bearcast Studio.

On Wednesday, July 29 I was a guest on "Explore Cincinnati." Along with hosts Travis Estell and Emily Schneider; I discussed The Banks project, streetcars, the origins of my urban exploration and this website. To hear the podcast of the episode, check out their website here and click "play" underneath "Season 3, Episode 6." Thanks to Travis and Emily for having me on, check out their site and support a great local program!

Temporary Leave of Absence

I'm going on a brief vacation. Everyone asks: "where you going?" I reply: "Detroit." It never fails, everyone then always says: "what, why!?" Well, when you're a photographer who loves history and photographing abandoned buildings, Detroit is like Walt Disney World for you. So, I'll be there exploring for a few days, working on an upcoming photo essay. In the meantime, check this out:

Can You Guess It?

This photograph comes from a recent exploration that will be featured on the website as soon as I get back from Detroit. Can you guess where it's from? Here's a few hints:
  • It's related to Cincinnati history, but not in Cincinnati.
  • May appear to be more affiliated with Cleveland than the Queen City.
  • Is owned, but not maintained.
  • Has no current tenant and was replaced in the mid 90's.
Good luck and look for a new post to kick off August sometime next week. Thanks for reading!

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