Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank You! "Exploring Cincinnati" Still on Display at The Betts House Through Nov. 19th!

On the evening of Friday, October 2nd, the new exhibit "Exploring Cincinnati" officially opened at The Betts House. This was the third gallery exhibit I've been featured in and second time I've teamed up with Sherman Cahal of Abandoned. "Exploring Cincinnati" also featured photographs by our good friend Craig Moyer. I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Julie Carpenter and the rest of the directors at The Betts House for featuring our work and to Sherman Cahal for all his work organizing all the logistics and such! Also, thanks to Noel, Travis, Capt. Orbit, J.T., Scott and his biking crew, my family, Craig's family, Sherman's family, Rachel, Emily, Nicole, Andy, Nick, Joel, Ali, Chap and everyone else who I didn't mention specifically (sorry, so many people to remember) and all the new folks I met for coming out to see the exhibit! I really appreciate the support!

"Exploring Cincinnati" is still on display until November 19th. Full Details can be found here. Check out the new exhibit and support a great local treasure!

Some photos from the event:

Following the exhibit we headed up to the rooftop of our urban exploring base of operations for a cookout.

- Zach Fein, aka Venkman, operated the grill for us. While he wasn't part of this current exhibit, he's one of our typical exploring crew members and a damn good photographer. Make sure to check out his work over at Local.Architecture! Sorry I didn't have a more flattering photo, Venkman!

Thanks to Christian Moerlin for sponsoring the exhibit opening and thanks to Hudy 14k for "sponsoring" the cookout!

I'd also like to thank everyone who's been reading and supporting this website. On Facebook the other day, QC/D reached 250 fans, that was pretty damn exciting. Today, QC/D got it's 251st fan...

...Mark Mallory, mayor of Cincinnati! (Brad Wenstrup, Mallory's opponent in the upcoming election, is currently NOT a Queen City Discovery fan.) Become a fan of QC/D on facebook!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support of Queen City Disco(very)!

Oh yeah, all the stuff on display at The Betts House is for sale, so if you'd like to buy any of it, shoot me an email (, because college costs money and photos of abandoned buildings make great gifts!


  1. You have a Jeremy Wenstrup as a fan. How many Wenstrups do you need ?