Friday, January 1, 2010

Redness in the Midwest

Photographs taken during Christmas Break in the southwestern corner of Ohio.

"Test paint."

"Sixth Street Skyline."

"Awesome Hats."


"Hot Chocolate."


"Never forget the victory over Issue 9. We WILL build the Streetcar!"

"Deserted streets, the threat of snow."

"Christmas Present."

"Hopple St. Tunnel."
Re-visited the abandoned tunnels beneath Hopple St., which were to have been part of the Cincinnati Subway system, with Amie and Quan from the Cincinnati Enquirer for a story they did on our exploits and urban exploration. Make sure to read the Enquirer on Tuesday, January 5 for an article that features myself and Venkman.

"Dayton Gems IHL hockey."

"New Years at Fountain Square."

"Times Square at Fountain Square."

"Wrong gingerbread logo."

"The Lone Ranger."


"The Square."

"Watching the fireworks."

"Singing at the Square."

"Point and Shoot."

"Two Zero One Zero."

"Do you wanna get lost, cause i can't stay found.
I done my time killing days in this town.
I got a little itch and I'm thirsty.
All i wanna know is who's coming with me?

Fuck you. You're cool, fuck you too."

Recommended listening: "Redness in the West" by The Lawrence Arms


  1. Love the photos all the way around. But I think you're still confusing "scenesters" with "seen" people. Scenesters are basically people who are trying really hard to be hipsters and go out of their way to look the part. This is definitely NOT the crowd at Mynt Martini which is a very trendy and flashy crowd that likes to see and be seen.

  2. Heh, there's a shot of my building by that carriage horse!

  3. Randy, one of these days you and Travis need to sit down with me and go over who is who and what is what.

  4. Randy the people at Mynt are not "seensters" or "flashy," rather they can be described as: Douche-bags.