Saturday, March 13, 2010

23 days, 560 hours and 33,601 minutes until Reds Opening Day 2010 least that's how long it was from the time I started writing this post. Speaking of the Reds, have you ever been to the Hall of Fame and Museum? My dad and I went to check out the exhibit on Crosley Field this week. If you haven't been, I highly recommend going, it's one of the coolest and lesser known aspects of Great American Ballpark and downtown in general.

An interesting fact about old Crosley Field on one of the museum's placards:

Could Cincinnati have kept Crosley and had a tradition similar to Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway park in Boston had we not built a highway through a neighborhood and along its outfield wall? Seems like while the automobile became a detriment to Queen City baseball fans who wanted to see games at Crosley, the streetcar was a welcomed service. A welcomed service we may see return by Opening Day 2012?:

Cincinnati Streetcar concept image depicting streetcar service near Great American Ballpark.

All the more reason the streetcar!

- Bockfest.

- "Underway on the riverfront, a new home for Dave Bristol and..."

- Photos featured in the exhibit that were taken after Crosley Field was abandoned. The predecessor to Queen City Discovery?

- Remember when they cut the large chunk out of Riverfront/Cinergy and had these hanging up the wall in left field?

- Looking into GABP.

- Crosley Field model.

- The top of Crosley featured similar catwalks to its press boxes (top image) like those seen at Bush Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana (bottom image). Coincidentally, AAA Bush Stadium served as a stand in for Crosley Field during the filming of the movie "Eight Men Out."

- 1990 World Series ring.

- 1976 World Series trophy.

- 23 days, 559 hours and 33,578 minutes by the time I typed this part.

- Taken after exiting the museum. Lets just hope this years opening day weather is better than last year.

In the meantime to hold you over until opening day, the Cincinnati Cyclones return to US Bank Arena on March 18 (I'll be there) and are bound for the playoffs to make another Kelly Cup run. The Cincinnati Commandos open their inaugural season at the Cincinnati Gardens tonight (I'll be there too) and the Cincinnati Rollergirls return there on March 27th (and there as well).

Also, the circus rolled into town...

- Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey circus train parked in front of the Montgomery Inn boat house.

I wonder if the folks living along Pete Rose Way/Riverside Dr. who opposed light rail coming down these tracks oppose the circus train being here? I also wonder if the CAVE* men from the local fringe group "COAST," oppose the circus (just as they do the Cincinnati Streetcar and 3C Rail project) since it uses rail transportation.

- I imagine these trains transport some animals or the stray cats at Sawyer Point have been eating really well lately.

- Does the smell of the animal droppings have an affect on Montgomery Inn's business at the boathouse?

- Not quite like the circus train seen in the Chili Peppers' "Soul to Squeeze" video, great song and tradition (circus trains) none the less.

23 days, 559 hours and 33.555 minutes until the first pitch of opening day.

*CAVE men = Citizens Against Virtually Everything

Updates | Oct. 16, 2017:
  • The Reds went on to win the division (and subsequently get swept by The Phillies) this year.
  • The Cincinnati Commandos are out of business while the Rollergirls and Cyclones are still around. 
  • The Ringling Bros. circus is folded in 2017 and the train came through Cincinnati one last time


  1. YAY!!
    I love that CAVE men is slowly catching on.
    And thanks for some Reds history for a Cincinati import.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Cincinnati Rollergirls in your post! Hope you can make to the season opener on March 27th! It's the start of CRG's FIFTH season! It's going to be a great one.

  3. 5chw4r7z, thank you for the CAVE men idea, I'll keep using it and hopefully more will catch on.

    Not sure how big of a Reds fan you are, but GABP in the spring during a night game is a great experience.

    Jennemy, no problem. I will be at the season opener, can't wait! Ran into sadistic saddie at Bockfest and she was telling us about some of the changes made, can't wait to see the match.