Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opening Day 2010

Last year's opening day the visiting New York Mets shalacked Aaron Harang and the Reds in the 38 degree rain. This year the weather was much better, but Harang got shalacked again and the pitchers who followed him didn't really help anything. Despite being alive and living in the Cincinnati area since one year before the last Reds World Series victory and attending a few opening day games, I've never been to the Findlay Market Parade. This year I changed that.

- Cincinnati Police Department Honor Guard.

- "Big Red Machine" catcher Johnny Bench.

- If you look closely you can see me taking the picture above this one. Photo c/o of Reds/ video.

- Parade Deputy Marshall George Grande.

- The guy who, in my humble opinion, should've pitched opening day; Bronson Arroyo.

- Is Gapper the worst mascot ever or does the Philly Phanatic give him a run for his money? Stick with Mr. Red.

- National Guard band.

- Reds legend George Foster commands a humvee in the parade.

- 700 WLW's Jim Scott. You'd think Tracy Jones would've been invited to be in the parade since he is, you know, one of the greatest Reds players of all time.

- "Justice for Pete."

- Ken Griffey Sr.

- Just for clarification, the woman on the left is dressed as a grape, representing the fresh fruit options being sold at historic Findlay Market.

- These guys were great.

- The parade traversing through beautiful, historic Over-The-Rhine.

- Soon to be joined in the 2012 parade by a modern streetcar reading "Great American Ballpark."

The parade was great. Lots of awesome people, great music and a tradition unlike any other city's. Couldn't afford tickets to the game so I threw a ball around and grilled out with friends as Masset gave up that grand slam. The Reds on field performance wasn't too stellar, I would've played Gomes and Stubbs instead of Nix and Dickerson. However, I'm just a photographer/random guy and not a baseball manager. I'm heading to tonight's game hoping the rain holds off and the Reds put on a good show followed by fireworks. If you haven't been down to a Reds game with fireworks, its quite spectacular.

  Update | Oct. 16, 2017:
  • Reds ended up winning the division this year. Then lost to the Phillies.


  1. Great as always...Johnny never changes-looks the same now as he did in '74.

  2. Best shots of the parade I've seen yet. Nice job, Gordon!

  3. Great parade shots! My husband and I went to the game - kind of wish we hadn't after that grand slam, but at least it was a beautiful day to sit in the stands.

  4. Tracy Jones, yes! He and Jeff Treadwell were the autographs I got from my first Reds games - bring 'em to the parade next year!!