Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Porkopolis Square

Towers of steel and concrete, architectural traditions that symbolized Americana and became milestones of culture and history. Porkopolis Square began rising where a parking garage once stood. Destined to become the city's tallest skyscraper, it would soon surpass the iconic Carew Tower in height. Anxiously, the citizens and passersby watched from various vantage points as the tower began rising.

The city was getting a new addition to it's skyline, we thought we'd take a peek at what the view was like, gazing out across what would someday be someone's 9-5 job and office.

On a cold, windy night we set out for an adventure in the urban environment.

On a cold, windy night I never felt more alive.


To quote my friend, Dr. Venkman: "Porkopolis Square is a fictional skyscraper being constructed somewhere in Ohio. Climbing a real skyscraper would probably be a fun, but extremely dumb thing to do. Besides, here at Local Architecture (and Queen City Discovery) our correspondents usually just sneak into old, abandoned buildings. Sneaking into 600 foot unfinished skyscrapers isn't our business. They would probably have unclimbable fences and security guards anyways."

To check out his photos from Porkopolis Square, go here.


  1. Gee! Theses pictures would look beautiful as wallpaper on my computer monitor if the files were bigger. Great composition, great job!

  2. Those street shots are epic!

  3. Ronny, you couldn't have said it better. And you're fantastic at composing shots with only 12-24mm at your disposal.

    Here's my version: http://mattsprinsky.com/blog/2010/05/08/squared-shitless/

    oh for a damn tripod!