Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Clyffside and Kauffman Breweries

- The former Clyffside Brewery on West McMicken.

Steve had been kind enough to invite us along for more secret tunnels and forgotten breweries. A couple weeks ago he let me tag along while he and a group of volunteers worked on preparing the former Crown Brewery for this years Prohibition Resistance Tour. This week, Seicer and I were meeting up with him and his crew outside the former Clyffside Brewery in the heart of Over-The-Rhine.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Things Came to Be - Part 2: The Ballad of Ben, The Birth of Queen City Disco(very)

- The imposing smokestack of the Peters Cartridge Company in Kings Mills, Ohio.

Part 2 of QC/D's Urban Exploration origin story. Part 1 is here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Cincinnati North Hotel

"Awful Hotel. Stayed here two nights on a business trip. The hotel was horrible! It was dirty, old, broken down, and the shower was moldy! Will not return!!"

Those comments echoed so many other negative ones in the online review section of a hotel that had a "100% Do not recommend" rating on "TripAdvisor.com." I couldn't tell you from personal experience as that cold winter evening when Venkman, Lance Delune and myself ventured to the Cincinnati North Hotel was the first night I ever spent in the place. My only other memories were vague childhood thoughts of a ten-story hotel that is now a modern ruin towering over the Cincinnati suburb of Springdale, Ohio.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Schmidt Brothers/Crown Brewery

Not many people realize the proud beer brewing tradition that once dominated Cincinnati. Over The Rhine not only received its name from its large German population, but those same immigrants brought along their taste for good beer. Before the neighborhood's decline, subsequent neglect and present resurgence, it was the densest neighborhood in all of Cincinnati and much of it's Romanesque architecture and former brewery's still remain today hidden behind industrial facades. In an effort to raise awareness of this neighborhoods historic significance and redevelopment potential, the people of the OTR Brewery District Redevelopment Corp. hold a "Prohibition Resistance Tour" every year, allowing participants to get a rare, up close look at these former breweries. Steve Hampton was kind enough to let me come into the former Schmidt Brothers/Crown Brewery, the newest location on this years tour, and shoot some exclusive photos.