Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway" Documentary to Premiere at the Cincinnati Museum Center on June 9th.

"Boston has the first one, New York has the longest one and Cincinnati has the quietest one." It's an eerie, but all-to-true sentence uttered at the beginning of the trailer for a new documentary about the Cincinnati's Subway. Abandoned in 1925, the Cincinnati Subway never saw a single rider and exists today as 1.8 miles of forgotten tunnel beneath the city streets. You've seen it before through the photographs here on QC/D:


Now you can see the subway from another perspective in a new documentary from Time Bonus Productions:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Clifton Friars Club


Summer was approaching and I realized I hadn't gone out and explored anything in awhile. I made it one of my goals to get out more during the coming break from class. As I walked out of my art history final, summer officially began for me at 4:43 that afternoon. I hadn't even been five minutes into my vacation when The Boy Scout called me with a plan. With no time to waste I grabbed my gear and met him in Clifton. It was time for our first exploration of the summer: The Clifton Friars Club Building.