Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crooked Lake - Angola, Indiana

- Crooked Lake, Angola, Indiana.

I left Cincinnati after stopping at a Subway sandwich shop in Fairfield and proceeded to verbally argue with the artificial intelligence of my GPS unit as the "#1 Corolla Rager" (aka: My Car) trudged up I-75. The sky's were gray and the rain came and went as I passed through St. Mary's and Van Wert before reaching the firework store border of Indiana. Shortly after, I was in Indiana's second largest city; Fort Wayne. After meeting up with my cousin Jeff, who explored Bush Stadium with me last summer, I got to visit with my aunt, uncle and other cousins. We ended up in downtown Ft. Wayne at an Irish pub sharing good beers and great food while the rain outside came pouring down, preventing us from attending a Ft. Wayne Tincaps game. Despite the game's cancellation and being unable to see the new minor league stadium, a quick tour around the city revealed how vibrant and nice the downtown area is becoming. Downtown Ft. Wayne is kind of like downtown Dayton, but cooler. After spending the night in Ft. Wayne, Jeff and I woke up early to head out to Angola, Indiana, a place that held many childhood memories for us.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Postcard View from WLWT

Derek might have said it "would be like this," but News 5 anchor Derek Beasley left Cincinnati for Mobil, Alabama some time ago. And aside from Rich Apuzzo, I can't really remember any other Cincinnati weathermen and/or their catchphrases to make vague references/jokes about. Truth is, I don't really watch any of the local news stations, but if I had to pick my favorite: The winner would be Channel 5 WLWT, simply because of their studio's postcard view of the Queen City.