Saturday, January 15, 2011

Third Time's a Charm - Forgotten Cincinnati Exhibition Returns

Not many "threequels" are successful. While the third installment of a series can be downright awful (see: Batman Forever, Superman 3, Mission Impossible 3, Jurassic Park 3, Shrek the Third, etc.), some can be really good (i.e. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or D3: The Mighty Ducks). So at the end of this month, we hope to be on that list of successful third parts in a series. It's that time of year again: January. It's cold out, the Bengals aren't in the playoffs and baseball's not back yet. What does January mean for me and you the reader? FORGOTTEN CINCINNATI RETURNS

It's become an annual event and this year will mark our third year of displaying some of our work at local shops throughout historic Over-The-Rhine. The exhibit opens on "January Final Friday," a day when all the local shops and businesses in OTR are open and displaying artwork or just having a good time. Every year is a blast and I'm sure this year will be more successful than Batman Forever was with its audiences.

Here's the details:
What: Forgotten Cincinnati Opening Night
When: January Final Friday - 1/28/2010 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Who: Photographers Sherman Cahal (Seicer), Zach Fein (Dr. Venkman) and Ronny Salerno (Gordon Bombay) return for a third Final Friday installment with photographs of a deserted and abandoned Queen City. Forgotten Cincinnati runs through Feb. 20 and possibly a little beyond.
Where: Park + Vine (1202 Main St.) and Joseph Williams Home (1232 Vine St.)
Check out the event on Facebook.

Both stores are within walking distance of each other. You can park at the Gateway Quarter Garage for cheap or on the street for free after 5 PM. So come on down and see some photos of abandoned buildings, check out some cool stores and support the local economy. Zach, Sherman and I will be bouncing around between both stores all night, so feel free to find us and say hello (the easiest way to find me would be following me on Twitter). In addition to great people and businesses, OTR has awesome bars and food so you should make a night out of it. I'm sure we'll wind up at Joe's Diner or Neon's at some point.

It will be fun, come see it.

Special thanks to Dan, Brian and Fred for having this event again this year, you guys are great.

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