Monday, February 7, 2011

An Atypical View at an Atypical Time: Great American Ballpark

- GABP Entrance Plaza Panorama - Full Size.

A frustrating day - ready for baseball, so I took a walk around the ballpark. Different perspectives of the ballpark taken during a different time than when most people see it.

- Looking in.

- Upper Deck, Outside.

- East Freedom Way.

- Riverfront Park.

- Riverfront Stairs.

- Light Towers.

- Light Towers II.

- Centerfield Stairs.

- Centerfield Entrance Panorama.

- Centerfield Stairs II.

- Eastern Escalator Motion.

Special thanks to 5chw4r7z for inspiring me to play with the "tilt shift" effect.


  1. I love the photos Ronny, GABP is simply beautiful and I love the panoramas!

  2. OMG I'm dumbfounded.
    Those pictures are amazing.

  3. Thanks Cody Jay!

    5chw4r7z, thanks man. Glad you like them. I forgot to thank you for being the inspiration to try playing with tilt shift, I edited the article to say that.

  4. I agree! I love the panorama of GABP. Fantastic shots, as always!

  5. Does the escalator run at all hours of the day during the Winter? That seems odd. I would love to check out Riverfront Park sometime soon to see what the progress is like first hand. Unfortunately there is only so much photos can describe.