Thursday, August 11, 2011


Top Floor

Albert Camus once wrote: "As a remedy to life in society, I would suggest the big city. Nowadays, it is the only desert within our means." And while the city may hold an infinite number of possible things to see and discover, even in the suburbs you can find an escape from the mundane, something so out of the ordinary and hidden within plain sight. There is no mirage amongst the endless stretch of office buildings, gas stations, chain restaurants and convenience stores that I know better than "Pictoria Tower." A spot atop an unassuming parking garage that offers a fresh perspective of the surrounding suburban landscape just waiting to be cut up by the lens of a camera. I was with my friend Ben when we first came upon the place five years ago and I went back there with him one last time before he left for boot camp.

Stairwell Top

Ben's Sunglasses

Pictoria Office Tower

Pictorian Pigeons

Cincinnati North Hotel
- The ominous, vacant Cincinnati North Hotel looms over the Springdale Skyline.

Sunset Clouds1

Sunset Clouds2

Sunset Clouds3

Pictoria Reflections

The Springdale Skyline

The Suburban Landscape

Pictoria and the Top Floor

Sunset Clouds4

Sunset Clouds5

Sunset Clouds6

Sunset Clouds7

Sunset Clouds8

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