Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's So Cold in the D.

As I was driving on 75 North with Gozer, we joked about the homemade hip hop song and music video that became an internet sensation (and that this post is named after). One would hardly think that the monotone singing and offbeat lyrics are actually for a serious song about "T Baby's" deceased brother and infant son, hence why the "D (Detroit)" is "So Cold." Ironically for us though, the D would in fact be cold although in terms of temperature, not personal tragedy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Problem These Days is That Kids are Learning History Off The Walls of Applebees.

The past week in personal photography.

I feel my life is more in danger at the Kenwood Towne Centre on a weeknight than when I have an expensive camera around my neck in OTR and downtown at midnight. There was no update Monday because the out of warranty Macbook I'm currently typing on was getting repaired at the Apple Store in Kenwood. I was worried the brakes on the #1 Corolla Rager were going out, but utilizing them constantly on 71 and in the Towne Centre parking lot proved they were working just fine. I'm not sure what was more annoying - the morons inside the mall or the ones in the parking lot who don't know what a pedestrian is or have any idea how to back up their SUV. Despite the lack of a computer, QC/D kept on keeping on through a week of urban photo documentary.

- The setting sun silhouettes the "luxury" suites, grandstand, lights and barbed wire of the unused Cooper Stadium in Columbus.

Monday, February 7, 2011

An Atypical View at an Atypical Time: Great American Ballpark

- GABP Entrance Plaza Panorama - Full Size.

A frustrating day - ready for baseball, so I took a walk around the ballpark. Different perspectives of the ballpark taken during a different time than when most people see it.