Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Crosley was King

Before Crosley was the name of a stadium, Powell Crosley Jr.'s empire gave birth to the first commercially affordable radio, the "Nation's Station" 700 WLW, the first car radio and "soap operas." Crosley purchased The Reds in 1934, gave Major League Baseball its first night game, designed his own airplane, developed a car that got 50 mpg and used his 500,000 Watt WLW transmitter to broadcast Allied radio propaganda to occupied Europe in World War II as the "Voice of America." During the war, the Crosley corp. helped design proximity fuses, an invention that was hailed by Winston Churchill and General Patton. Crosley's industrial entrepreneurship all came out of his headquarters in Cincinnati's Camp Washington neighborhood, a facility that is now in a deteriorating, pesudo-abandoned state.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Construction on Cincinnati's Subway to Resume, First Train Delivered!

- The idea for a subway in Cincinnati was born out of constructing it in place of the Miami-Eerie Canal. Construction was abandoned in 1927.

It's been 84 years since construction of the Cincinnati Subway halted. Nearly two miles of unused tunnels have been sitting silently beneath the city streets since 1927. Despite efforts to try and revive the project - political corruption, economic climate, changing population trends and even war were one of the many historical circumstances that prevented the subway from ever seeing a train or rider. That is, until today.